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If any of you have ever wanted to participate in one of the best photography workshops in the world I would highly recommend you connect with Momenta. There are a plethora of would be photography charlatans out their posting self aggrandizing bullshit to keep us all sick with their fumes. 

Momenta is the real deal.

note: I don’t get a penny for saying this.

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Mystical mountains & beautiful people await your photography in Bali with us this May: http://MMNTA.COM/BALIWORKSHOP2014

by Bill Gates

3 Myths that block progress for the poor

I have spent a large part of my career in the developing world and have always been a fan of the work that Bill and Melinda Gates do. Bill just released a great report on poverty.

Its short but very dense. I highly recommend you take few min it takes to read. Oh and it has lots of images…. which of course I like.

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